Thursday, June 29, 2017

Kisah Perang Produk Penapis Air

Pelbagai cara dalam bersaing dalam perniagaan sekarang.

[29/06 6:40 pm] Zulfadli Coway. aniz: Recived this posting other group👇

[17:48, 09/05/2017] Wei Ling Mobile: Good day.
Pls inform your friends/relatives who is using *Coway or Cuckoo* water filter to trade in for new eSpring water filter . They can get RM400 rebate for trade in *for this month* .
*Pls note that harmful chemicals ☠ found in these 2 brands* .

Feel free to ask them to contact me for more detail.

Pls see news below 👇🏽
[17:50, 09/05/2017] Wei Ling Mobile: don't  drink Coway water , harmful chemicals found ☠
[17:52, 09/05/2017] Wei Ling Mobile:
[29/06 7:19 pm] Zulfadli Coway. aniz: 👆 ni cerita lama... boss.
Defective untuk model ice maker yg tak di jual di malaysia.
Yg di jual di Malaysia cuma water purifier. Dan yg water purifier semua ada certification from WQA & NSF.. selamat utk di minum 😊

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